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Why self-employment appeals to women?

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Women, at least in a country like India, have always handled by the brunt of a patriarchal society. Let’s face it – Many of us have been forced to stay home, often when we had better skills and options than men in the same house. When I started Boss Ladies, it was my endeavour to encourage and empower women to start on their own, without being dependent on men around them, and that’s where I realized the power of self-employment and how it has helped women in various parts of the globe.

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After meeting many women who have done things on their own terms, I have realized a major fact – Most of them wanted an opportunity that was never offered to them. Many had the intelligence, skills set and everything else that’s expected from an entrepreneur or an employed professional, but they didn’t get the exposure that they needed. Self-employment was all about breaking the roof and taking control of careers. I have met women who have open boutiques, or those who have learned everything in between their ever-demanding family life and routine.

Being in the race – Not the rat race

Self-employment also makes sense because it doesn’t really force women to look at careers from the conventional perspective. Let’s say you haven’t done much besides looking after your family in your 20s, and in the traditional sense, you have already lost most of the job and career opportunities that might have been available to you right after college. Self-employment doesn’t look at all of that with such outlook. It allows women to take chances – yes, they may fail, but there is always a second chance to be a part of the race.

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Let’s face a fact – We, women, have changing roles in the family, even when we are ultimate careerists. A corporate honcho who has been managing many divisions will need to take a break during or after her pregnancy. She will have to do more than her husband in terms of caring for the baby. These changing roles often don’t allow women to take up careers that are more demanding. Self-employment is probably the best way to find a footing, and it matters, because we deserve as much.

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There’s a reason why feminism is the thing of 2018. Women are constantly refusing roles and jobs that don’t reward their efforts, compared to the roles of the male counterparts. For many of them, earning less and being a boss of their own careers makes much more sense, and that’s the reason why self-employment is winning big time. It is for everyone, and it will help every woman out there.

Of course, you cannot achieve everything without support, which is why platforms like Boss Ladies are so important. With this platform, I believe we will be able to help and support one another, and it matters, because we are trying to do things that defy the norms and things that the world expects from us.

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