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Here’s why women entrepreneurs need the power of networking community!


Business networking has been a great source of empowerment for entrepreneurs around the world. It also makes more sense for women entrepreneurs, especially in a country like India, where their power is yet to be unleashed. Urban women, to be fair, still have considerable opportunities and many of them have launched their ventures successfully, but even then, most of these women need the power of a reliable networking community at some point. Here’s a quick look at why this is a topic that concerns every woman!

More than just meeting people

Contrary to what many may believe, networking isn’t just about meeting like-minded entrepreneurs. It is also about gaining knowledge, listening to success stories and learning from mistakes. Some of the biggest names are where they are because of the help they got along the way. Networking offers the opportunity to make contacts, share information and gather details, which can be used for the benefit of your business. It is also about raising your profile and being accessible to people, besides making connections and finding your way into the social media.

Women and networking communities

Unfortunately, there are few groups and communities that are dedicated to women, which is also the reason why I decided that we need BossLadies. Before men start accusing me of being gender biased, I would like to add here that most Indian women still don’t have access to a business network. Many are not even aware of the benefits of joining such a community, and yes, they need a group, where they can encourage one another and be the force to reckon with. I always believe that women have the power to change the course of things, and for that, we need to encourage one another.

Taking the leap ahead

If you are an entrepreneur who has been struggling to find a foothold in this competitive industry, I encourage you to be a part of BossLadies. We are one of the few communities in India that encourages women of all ages to find a dream of their own, and in the process, we would like to extend all the support and assistance. As a networking community, BossLadies plans to hold many events and meet-ups, where we would share stories together and make the business world a better and safer place for women. Yes, we are still taking the baby steps, but this is a journey into the future, and we look forward to helping women in all possible ways, not just in North but the whole of India.

Join us for a meet-up or event

If you have your doubts about networking communities and how one like BossLadiesIndia can help your business, we insist that you be a part of any of our upcoming events. This is not about marketing a community, but more about discussing things and learning from stories and mistakes, and I believe this is for each one of us. We would also like to take our stand on the current #metoo movement in these events, which is gaining momentum and would impact each one of us.


More Power to all #BossLadiesIndia

Himja Rana

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